Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Distinctive Match

So how am I to say I am not you?
You’re clever, vegan, Tory. You are right
perhaps your frontal lobes are better used
but a bare ladies foot does not excite
my passions in the way yours seem to flare
and how on earth could you vote for that man
the Thatcher version of our Tony Blair?
Your sweet tooth drools for foods I think are bland.
My judgement on your casserole? Its Plain
Can I not tempt you with a fleshy pie?
I ponder on our differences. Its vain
To focus on divergences implied.
Perhaps beyond our clashing points of view
There lies a greater, deeper sense of truth.

Behind the brain what subtle charms inspire
the subjectivity of casual thought?
It is to greater levels I aspire
but my pre-governed actions prove my fraud.
We are indeed all wedged within the web
of animated chemicals in space
and time. So should my principled vignette
by neuro analysing be replaced?
It is so hard to be both man and moralist
When all these facts of life reduce you down
and God is but a retiring illusionist
in some transitory circus leaving town.
Our unrivalled babble in the silence
is optimism camouflaging science.

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